In the Middle of Love - Nganget Village - IWC 3

This just a little note after attending International Work Camp #3 held by Leprosy Care Community UI in Nganget, Tuban, East Java on August 3th-14th, 2012
If you come to Nganget, you may see a beautiful countryside with most the adult who have physical limitations, they always smile even to the strangers they meet. But the more you look deep inside, in fact they have been through a lot of bitter things in their lives, which myself may not be able to hold it on if I have to deal with.
Sometimes, I don't go anywhere because I don't want to, and out there, people doesn't go anywhere because they can't.
Yes, there is like very big border which seems trammel them from the  world outside. Their physical condition which does not allow them to go away may be a reason for them to not be going anywhere. However, that border in fact is themselves, who too afraid to interact with world outside. Discrimination they received were imprinted in their minds, so they feel that they are not welcome by others. I remember a story about a grandmother there. Maybe she was the most frequent villager that I touched and hugged. Holding her hands reminds me of the last moments I hold my grandmother's hand before she died three years ago. Like most of the residents who didn't go anywhere, she also can only spent her days in Panti. But she has strong desire to meet her nephew who hadn't came to visit her for many years. She always dreamed of the coming of her nephew. I really hope that one day that dream will be come true.
Learn to give, after all this time receiving 
Perhaps we feel that we have been working hard. We've done a lot of things like this and that. If you see more to the back, how much of all the hard work we did for others? in Nganget, I learned to share. There is no selfishness to always think about self, there we learn to co-exist and complement each other. Every smile and cry is a happiness itself which I've never got in another place. Especially when considering the ups and downs with all campers. Cultural differences seemed to merge into one. Sharing laughter and jokes, did the madness together, protect each other and encourage one another. Eleven days less to feel all those things. I also remember very vividly how people willingly gave us a lot of food, burning corn together, the children show their best performance at our farewell party, and I remember most was their happy smiles that always adorn our days during workcamp.
If your life screwed up by small things, maybe you just haven’t seen anything bigger 
I often grumble just because the little things in my life. Sometimes I was bored at my daily routine. Sometimes I was depressed when I felt bad in front of others. Sometimes I was disappointed that my ambition was not fulfilled. Sometimes I got angry because people that were very annoying. But, now I feel embarrassed because I was blind to see a big problem that afflicting others in surroundings. I feel lame because I can not do anything for them. I was deaf for not hearing their screams. I was mute because of not being able to voice their wishes.
-Suci Puspita Galih, Psikologi UI 2010-